Annie is a student at the Art Institute and was working at a boba tea location in SF when she was told that she was not going to get paid for her training days. She quit and had to wait a whole month for her paycheck. We were able to recover $1,683.44 in waiting time penalties from her employer.

“My experience with YWU was more than great. Sam helped me from the first day I called YWU and went out of her way to help me. I’m grateful that YWU exist. Working with YWU showed me that unfair treatment in the workplace never has to be tolerated. It’s great to know that a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping workers rights exist. To any person going through a similar situation, I advise that you reach out to YWU and keep track of hours worked, and anything that will strengthen your case.”


Jessica is a student and SF native! She experienced issues at a retail store in SF.

“My experience with YWU has been wonderful and I am grateful to have had the help I received. Schedules and locations where we met were flexible–can’t think of anything that would help. You’re doing a great job already! I learned that knowing your rights is key. Don’t be afraid to speak up when they are taken away.”

FullSizeRender (1)

Yolanda (left), Yamith (right)

Yolanda and Yamith both worked at a Salvadorian restaurant in the Mission district. In total they won back $24,833.09! They were not paid overtime, given rest or meal breaks, and the employer made illegal deductions.

Yolanda: “Este dinero me beneficiaria mucho para poder ahorrar un poco, parar mis gastos personales, y poder ayudar a mi familia. El personal de Jóvenes Trabajadores Unidos es muy excelente, y son muy eficientes. Nos apoyan a nosotros los inmigrantes a no tener miedo y demandar por los abusos que pasamos en los trabajaos. A la gente que necesitan ayuda y tienen temor a ser deportados por ser inmigrantes le quiero decir que dejen el miedo y que actúen y que hay personas que nos apoyan como Jóvenes Trabajadores Unidos.”

Yamith: “Este dinero me va ayudar para pagar la renta. A los trabajadores que estan pasando por abuso en el trabajo, que no tengan miedo. Hay ayuda, y aqui en Jóvenes Trabajadores Unido te acompañan y ayudan con el proceso de hacer un reclamo.”

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