Retail Worker Bill of Rights

San Francisco passed the Retail Workers Bill of Rights in November of 2014 to improve schedules and opportunities for retail workers. While similar to legislation that has been introduced in Sacramento to provide for fair schedule notice and compensation for retail workers, there are some important differences.

This Bill covers workers who work at establishments that have 40 locations globally and 20 or more workers in San Francisco, so places like chain retail, fast food, movie theaters, grocery stores, and contracted janitors and security guards.

Read on to learn the five steps the ordinance takes to improve conditions, pay and schedules for San Francisco retail workers!

  1. Schedule Notification and Compensation: 
    • Schedules must be posted two weeks in advance.
    • If a shift changes with less than one week’s notice, the worker will receive one hour of pay for each change.
    • If the shift changes less than 24 hours in advance, the worker will receive 2-4 hours of pay, depending on the length of the shift.
  2. Stopping Abusive “On-Call” Practices: 
    • If an employer requires a worker to be “on-call” but then cancels the shift with less than 24 hours notice, the worker will receive 2-4 hours of pay depending on the shift length.
  3. Promoting Full Time Work:
    • If the employer has more hours to offer in the same job position, those hours must first be offered to current part-time workers.
  4. Encouraging Worker Retention and Job Security: 
    • If a business is sold, workers must be kept on their jobs for at least 90-day trial period.
  5. Equal Treatment For Part-Time Workers:
    • Prohibit discrimination against an employee with respect to their rate of pay, access to employer provided paid- and unpaid-time off, or access to promotions.