PWA 5th Year Anniversary

The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated:
Progressive Workers Alliance 5th Year Anniversary Cultural Night and Celebration

On Saturday Aug 22 2015, the Progressive Workers Alliance (PWA)celebrated 5 years of strategic organizing and collective action! PWA is a coalition made up of Young Workers United, Chinese Progressive AssociationFilipino Community CenterMujeres Unidas y ActivasDay Laborer Program and La Colectiva.

PWA has uplifted the voices and issues of immigrant and low-wage workers in various industries throughout the City of San Francisco, and we ask you to join us in celebrating our victories. PWA has taken on campaigns to raise the San Francisco Minimum Wage, pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, and also end wage theft.

In an era of austerity, corporatization, deportations, gentrification, rising inequality and attacks on organized labor–worker centers and grassroots organizations have continued to organize and build the collective power of low-wage workers across different sectors of work from restaurants, retail, care-homes, day labor and domestic work.

As part of celebrating five years as an alliance, PWA was able to host a forum on community-based worker organizing that highlighted the urgent issues that impact low-wage workers and the various strategies that are implemented to fight exploitation. The forum had speakers and workshops that focused on immigrant worker issues, the fight for just wages, the campaign to end wage theft, and racial justice in the workplace. The workers forum concluded with a cultural solidarity night with performances, dancing and food.

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